Emergency On Planet Earth

Single Cover - Mick White - Emergency On Planet Earth
Release Date: 2021-10-08
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Emergency On Planet Earth is the debut solo single from Mick White and was written by White alongside guitarist Luke Hatton. The whole idea of a solo record came together in 2019 as a side project to other musical ventures but as we went into lockdown early in 2020 writing & recording stepped up and a full album was completed.

Emergency On Planet Earth is quite obviously a statement on the current global situation but without being preachy it’s more about the hopeless state we find ourselves in and is written very much from the perspective of a father who wants the world to be better for his child in the future.  It’s written with the background of a massive shift in climate events, the last year of the Trump administration and of course the world pandemic and is basically a rally cry to people and leaders alike saying ‘we can be better than this, why are we fucking the planet up?’

Musically it’s an intricate and yet straight ahead hard rock track brilliantly performed by Luke Hatton (who also played bass) and drummer Carsten Enghardt (who also mixed and mastered the song alongside Ulrich Hilbel). All the vocals, guitars and bass tracks were recorded in the UK with drums being added at 1st take studios in Bavaria where it was also mixed during the first few months of 2021.

The accompanying video filmed and produced by James Ross Heron from Carriage Return Media Services sees White portraying a corporate bad guy alongside his performance of the song with Hatton and Enghardt. It also features White’s son Jake playing his younger self as the character reflects on the terrible person he has become.

The Video